Panchayats and Rural Development Department, West Bengal

A user is exposed to the activities of Panchayats and Rural Development Department of the government of West Bengal which is saddled with the responsibilities of implementing the various Rural Development programmes including poverty alleviation in the rural area i.e. the Panchayats system. What this website was built for is to provide information on the rural development of the Panchayats. It also ensures and sees to the participatory planning of all the locals through elected heads in the various levels.
As part of its strides to making lives better for the local indigenes, the department readily provides administrative support to the 3 arms of the Panchayats systems which encourage decentralization and bringing politics closer to the people. Other thrust areas of the department include: Providing social security to the disadvantaged, supporting the income level of those below the poverty line, providing skills acquisition platforms for sustainable developments etc

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