Panchkula District, Haryana

The website of the Panchkula District, Haryana allows the users to have a comprehensive look at the current situation of the district. Each and everything is provided to the fullest. Users will be able to know about the history of the district as well. There is a tourism column that reveals the top touring spots. The online citizen service has added a lot of ease for all the citizens. Users will be able to know about the departments, the administration and services in the district and the latest infrastructures. Photo gallery allows the users to have a close look at the various activities.
The primary purpose of the website is to keep people up to date. All the latest news and events are posted on the website. In case of question or queries, you can easily contact the authorities through the links provided on the website. Users will also be able to know about the subdivisions, tehsils, villages, towns etc. in detail.

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