Quality Council of India

The website of Quality Council of India is created to offer information about the Quality Council of India which focuses on setting up organizations that work in partnership along with Indian Industries. Its main objective is to ensure that the citizens of India have easy access to high-quality products and services.
The Quality Council of India was created in 1996 to create organizations that can international and Indian industries to ensure that the citizens have the access to quality services and products. Detailed information of all the schemes like INDGAP, RMCPCS, Inspection Bodies for Infrastructure Projects, registration and approval Traditional Health Practitioners, etc. is provided on the website. The goal of the Quality Council, Publications, Right To Information Act, Grievances, and Career options can be accessed from the website. Accreditation Standards for Industries in various sectors, Certification Requirements, as well as various Articles and Case Studies are available on the website.

To Know more visit https://qcin.org

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