Rajyasabha (Hindi)

The website is owned and maintained by the Rajya Sabha, Parliament of India. The aim of the website is to provide people with information on what the biggest of public offices have been up to and the business that it has been involved in. The website takes the help of information on the key officials of the parliament, to inform people of the roles that their representatives have taken up. The details of the work done inside the parliament are provided on the website for the people to know. In addition to this, the meetings of the committees are also talked about on the website.
The Rules and procedures of the parliament are discussed for the awareness of the people. Moreover, the debates that take place between members of the parliament on different issues are also uploaded in written form. Information on the members is provided on the website and committees that are set up for different purposes are also introduced.

To Know more visit https://rajyasabhahindi.nic.in

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