Rath Jatra, Festival of Chariots at Puri

Learn and know more about the Rath Jatra, Festival of Chariots at Puri, which is a festival that is celebrated every year. It is celebrated at the temple town in Orissa. Get to have the latest information about the festival and when and where it takes place. The festival is quite religious and portrays a ritual.

The festival entails the presiding deities of the main temple being taken out of the temple precincts on their respective chariots. The celebrations are quite colourful and thousands of people attend the festival every year. To learn in-depth details about the Rath Jatra, Festival of Chariots at Puri, you can log on to their site and view the content they have to offer. They have a photo gallery, an online portal where you can donate to the festival and a webcast, whereby you can view the festival live as it happens.

To Know more visit https://rathjatra.nic.in

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