Sangeet Natak Akademi

Sangeet Natak is a Marathi word which is in an Indian language. It literally means musical drama. Such a type of drama is a combination of both prose and poetry. The story is conveyed by the usage of songs and music as the name suggests. The Indian film industry esp. the Marathi cinema grew as a result of Sangeet Natak. The Sangeet Natak’s originated in Sangli by Vishnudas Bhave. This was back in the 1840’s. The first public performance on Marathi stage was of the play Seeta Swayamvar. Sangeet Natak got popular very quickly. It began to be compared with other musical forms such as Opera. It was used for bringing social issues to the audiences with growing fame and in the blowing times. Since it only used classical songs, it could not involve all the Indian masses as not all singers could sing classical. It now lags behind because of this drawback.

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