Sehore District, Madhya Pradesh

The Gujrat Institute of Development Research GIDR came into being in 1970 under the authority of the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research New Delhi, India. The main responsibility of the institute is to perform different sorts of research works based on different analyses and policy-oriented developmental issues. The major areas upon which research works are conducted include management of natural resources, human resources development, agriculture, regional development, climate change, infrastructure, urbanization, migration, industry, finance, trade, poverty, employment, institutions, governance, etc.
The institute has been working hard especially in the fields of agriculture, management of natural resources and climatic change. Some in-depth studies are being conducted for all these fields and very helpful results are achieved that may be applied to prosper and revolutionize the respective fields. The experts at the GIR have gained a lot of detailed and comprehensive knowledge about micro-processes which will be practically implemented in the near future to obtain revolutionary results in various fields.

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