State Election Commission (SEC), Rajasthan

The website of the State Election Commission of Rajasthan is created to educate the masses about the importance of voting and the programs undertaken by the government to ensure fair and free elections. Al the latest orders, circulars, and new regarding the upcoming elections is available on this website. The list of all the symbols to be used in the elections, a list of SC/ST/OBC castes, and various other useful information are made available on the website.
Constituted in the year 1994, the Election Commission of Rajasthan’s main job is to ensure that the elections in Rajasthan ate free and fair for all. Its website is created to let the people know about the different measures taken by the government for ensuring that the elections are fair. Details about the upcoming elections, parties participating in the election, voter’s list, election law, etc. are some of the most important parts of this website. Moreover, the statistical details of the elections, contact details of the commission, general orders, important forms, and functionaries are also available on the website.

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