Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure Centre (UTTIPEC)

Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning & Engineering) Center (UTTIPEC) website is a hub for the transportation ease and traffic-related issues which are to be addressed in Delhi. The Website delivers all the important route information on which the Delhi Transport Service works round the clock. The main work of the site is mentioned above. Besides that, it also has other various portions of the new development projects which are being enacted in the current duration of the Government. The seminars and lectures given by the organization are also flashed on the website. The advertisements are also displayed on the site in hot links which take you right where you want to go. The capitol’s map is provided with guidelines which can be downloaded for having a better sense of traffic signs, traffic procedures and how they are helpful in creating a safe environment free of collision incidents.

To Know more visit https://uttipec.nic.in

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