Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board

The website is owned by Uttarakhand Tourism Development and aims at the promotion of tourism in the area by providing information about the many travel destinations of the area and the information regarding the activities that can be undertaken.
The website provides information on Uttarakhand and the tourism potential in the area. In addition to this, the website briefs about the organization and the motives that it pursues and its role of being a regulator and licensing authority. The website also provides information on the cultures that are found in the area as well as the cuisine. Some of the famous dishes are mentioned and briefed about on the website. The information on the natural beauties, the rivers and mountains are also provided. The website also imparts knowledge on the adventures that one can go through by participating in different activities and also the wildlife which is found in 12 national parks in Uttarakhand.

To Know more visit https://uttarakhandtourism.gov.in

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