Vijaya Bank

As the name suggests the website is dedicated to Vijaya Bank, which is a Government of India Undertaking. The website is useful for all individuals and citizens. The website provides you with all the information you need about the Bank. The Bank was established by farmers who wanted to enhance the promotion of using a bank. It has 1512 total branches and works efficiently to provide services to the citizens. The website provides the information on its products and services, value-added services, and retail banking. It also provides the details on availing card services and also caters NRI requirements. The website contains quick links for accessing the associated site quickly. The website also has categories which are helpful to the users in locating the branch, ATM and also in paying bills or calculation of EMI.
The website can also be browsed in Hindi for users who are not acquainted with the English language. The website is a great portal of information on the Bank and its services.

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