Weather forecasts and weather radar and satellite imagery by India Meteorological Department

This website informs the visitors about the weather of India which is named India Weather. This is a government department, it lies under the Indian Meteorological Department in the Government of India. This organization was founded in 1875. This site describes that this agency is the main government association in Seismology, Meteorology and other subjects related to this. This site notifies of the goal of this organization and that is to provide information about weather and the right time for shipping, irrigation, agriculture, aviation, offshore oil explorations and so on. This organization warns people against natural disasters like dust storms, tropical cyclones, snowfall, heavy rainfall, norwesters, heat and cold waves and other weather phenomena. This site offers the visitors the news of meteorological statistics which are needed for industries, agriculture, water management, resource management and other activities which are helpful for building a nation. This site notifies people about the services like civil aviation, astronomy, shipping and fisheries, weather forecasting and many other related subjects this organization works for.

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