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West Bengal State Centre, National Informatics Centre (NIC)

This site gives information about numerous services provided by NICWB. Useful information about infrastructure is given. Information regarding various projects undertaken by NICWB is present. Links of websites that come under their domain and downloadable application forms for internet connectivity etc. are available.
National informatics center west Bengal (NICWB) is established with an aim to provide e-governance facilities. NIC has laid the foundation of a nationwide ICT network. The training facility is provided by the website and can be accessed by clicking on the training link in the services tab. Video conferencing facility is within the reach of the visitor. Email services and e-library are also available. State projects and central projects by NIC can be viewed. Links of Websites that are made and hosted by NICWB for the state, central and district governments can be found on the site. Application form for email connectivity, registration, web hosting, website management guide, VPN account request and website audit form can be downloaded here.

To Know more visit https://nicwb.nic.in