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What is Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh?

Tuberculosis Control Programme

Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh(JSK) has been registered as an autonomous society of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Government has given a Rs100 crore Corpus fund to signify its commitment to the activities of the Kosh. JSK has to utilize the interest on the Corpus and also raise contributions from organizations and individuals that support population stabilization.

JSK has been Enhancing a drive for membership from among experts in population studies and allied sectors, medical associations, associations of Industry and Trade, banks, NGOs, paramedics, and general citizens. The major aim is to bring the need for population stabilization into focus. The task is being undertaken according to decisions taken by Governing Board which has a blend of both government and non-government members with the governing members acting as umpires and facilitators.

The JSKs Annual Report and Accounts are tabled in Parliament and its accounts can be audited by India’s Comptroller and Auditor General.

Aims & Objectives of JSK

  • To assist or undertake activities aimed to achieve population stabilization, at a level consistent with the needs of sustainable economic growth, social development, and environmental protection, by 2045.
  • To promote and help schemes, programmes, projects and initiatives for meeting the unmet needs for contraception and reproductive and child health care.
  • To promote and assist innovative ideas in the Government, a private and voluntary sector with a view to achieving the objectives of the National Population Policy 2000.
  • To help the development of a vigorous peoples movement in favor of the national effort for population stabilization.
  • To give a window for canalizing contributions from individuals, trade organizations and others within the country and outside, in furtherance of the national cause of population stabilization.
  • There shall be no discrimination on the ground of religion, community, caste or class while carrying out the goals of the Kosh.
  • All the incomes, earnings, moveable and immovable properties of the Kosh shall be only utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only, as set out in the Memorandum of Association and no part of the income and property of the Kosh shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus, profits in any manner whatsoever to the present or past members of the Kosh or to any person through any one or more of the present or past members. No member of the Kosh or any person have a claim on any movable and immovable property of the Kosh or make any profits whatsoever by virtue of her/his membership. The accounts of the Kosh will be audited as needed under the Rules.

The funds of the Kosh consist of the following:

  • Funds received from the Central Government or any member on the Kosh
  • Funds received from Societies, Foundations
  • Donations or Funds from persons or bodies
  • Incomes from other sources

All Funds, donations, and contributions are deemed to be grants, donations, and contributions towards the Corpus of the Kosh unless otherwise specified. No grants will be accepted by the Governing Board which in its opinion involves conditions and obligations opposed to the Aims and Objects of the Kosh.

Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh had received Rs.100/- crore in the Corpus Fund invested in Fixed Deposits(FDRs). The interest thereon is being utilized for the furthering the JSK’s mandate. That will be needed to be supplemented with contributions and membership fees which can be used to support innovative projects and strategies to enable people to get access to information and services in the area of contraception, reproductive and child health.