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What is SARATHI Services?

SARATHI Services

Road Transport is a Mission Mode service which is being implemented pan India on a State Subject viz. Road Transport by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India.


The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has been facilitating computerization of over 1100 Road Transport Offices (RTO) all over the country. RTOs issue Registration Certificate (RC)  and Driving License (DL) that are necessary requirements and are valid across the country, subject to certain provisions and permissions.

With wide distribution in state policies and manual/ system based procedures being followed across the country, it had become necessary to define same standards for these documents on a pan-India level to ensure interoperability, correctness and timely availability of information. SCOSTA committee setup, for this reason, had recommended uniformly standardized software across the country.

The Ministry thus entrusted National Informatics Centre (NIC) with the work of standardizing and deploying two software – VAHAN for Vehicle Registration and SARATHI for Driving Licenses and of compiling the data with respect to Vehicle Registration and Driving Licenses of every the state in State Register and National Register. The applications VAHAN & SARATHI were conceptualized to capture the functionalities as set up by Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 as well as State motor vehicle Rules with customization in the core product to suit the requirements of 36 States and UTs.

The project was a first in e-Governance projects initiated way back in 1992. However, it picked up momentum about 2002 and as on date, this has been accepted in all the RTO’s of all the states and UT’s in the country.


  • To improvise the quality of service delivery to the citizen and the quality of the work environment of the RTOs.


To automate all Vehicle Registration and Driving License related activities in transport authorities of the country with the introduction of smart card technology to handle generates like interstate transport vehicle movement and to create state and national level registers of vehicles/DL information.


  • To give Better services to Transport Department as well as citizen
  • Prompt implementation of government policies from time to time
  • Enhanced image of Government & Department
  • Quick access to Vehicle/DL information to other government departments

Services offered

The Vahan system allows the following services.

Informational services

The information concerned with licensing, registration, permits, Acts, Rules and policies, Fees and user charges and downloadable forms are made available in the system.

Online services

Vehicle Registration Related Services

  • Online Services for Vehicle Registration
  • New Vehicle Registration application by the authenticated dealers
  • Application for Change of address in RC
  • Application for Transfer of ownership
  • Issue and Renewal of fitness certificate.
  • Application for Clearance Certificate
  • Application for No Objection Certificate
  • Application for Issuance of Duplicate RC
  • Reservation for an advance registration number
  • Online payment for registration related fees and taxes
  • Application for Trade Certificate

Driving License Related Services

  • Application for New/Duplicate Learner’s License
  • Application for correction of information printed on License
  • Application for Change of Name in Learner’s License
  • Application for Permanent Driving License
  • Application for Change of Biometrics
  • Application for No Objection Certificate

Check post-tax

Fancy Number Booking

Know your License Details

Know your Vehicle Details