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What is the National Health Portal?

National Health Portal

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has established the National Health Portal in pursuance to the decisions of the National Knowledge Commission, to give healthcare-related information to the citizens of India and to serve as a single point of access for consolidated health information. The National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW) has set up Centre for Health Informatics to be the secretariat for managing the activities of the National Health Portal.


  1. The Project focus to improve the health literacy of the masses in India.
  2. It aims to enhance access to health services across the nation.
  3. Its focuses to decrease the burden of disease by educating the people on the preventive aspects of the disease.

Outputs to be achieved:

The Project has the following key Outputs:

  1. Enhance access to services through IT-enabled cataloging of service providers.
  2. Generate a comprehensive web-based National Health Portal to make available comprehensive health-related information to the community using IT and analog or Non-IT methods.
  3. Generate protocols to enable the masses to access reliable, easy to understand, multilingual health information from the interactive National Health Portal.
  4. Generate protocols for wide dissemination of health information in the public domain using the Internet and other pertinent communication modalities.
  5. Generate databases to enable citizens to seek, locate and access healthcare providers across the country.
  6. Generate platforms to provide health information and health resources for the healthcare workers, NGOs, student communities, and health professionals.
  7. Generate a transparent resource on regulatory and statutory guidelines pertaining to healthcare in India.

The scope of this project would mainly include but not limited to the following:

  • Constructing the health portal with all its features and functionalities
  • Dissemination of knowledge on the portal through various modalities

The portal will be uploaded with content in a phased manner. Although there may be different overlaps between the phases, it is planned that the portal would be developed over 4 years.