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When Is Janmashtami 2022: Find Out Date, Timings And 5 Prasad Recipes

Janmashtami 2022: Just days after the fun-filled Rakshabandhan celebrations, Hindus across the country are gearing up to celebrateAlso known as Gokulashtami, Shrikrishna Jayanti, and Krishna Janmashtami, the festival of Janmashtami falls on the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha month in Bhadrapad. Janmashtami commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna and devotees worship the young Krishna, also called Bal Gopal and Laddu Gopal, on this day. As per Vedas, this year is said to be the 5249th birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. This year, there is some confusion between August 18 and August 19 as the dates of the festival. Read on to know when you should celebrate.

Since Ashtami tithi timings are falling on both 18th and 19th of August, Janmashtami can be celebrated on both days but festive fasting is being preferred on August 19.Janmashtami is always celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. People decorate their homes, wear new clothes, visit Krishna temples and offer milk-based sweet Prasad to Laddu Gopal. As per the traditions, a total of 56 types of prasads should be offered to Lord Krishna in the temples.

Makhan Mishri

The famous tales of little Krishna stealing makhan in his neighbourhood have always been our favourite. The bhog of Makhan mishri is considered the best Prasad to please God on this day.

Kaju Pista Roll

This mithai made of crunchy dry fruits is perfect to serve to your guests on this day. It looks good and tastes great too.

Mawa Pak

This traditional Indian sweet melts in the mouth and fills it up with a bang of creamy flavours. You can easily make it at home with a few ingredients.

Makhana Paag

Makhanas combine with milk, ghee and coconut make for one of the most popular Janmashtami sweets and the fact that it tastes delicious makes it the most common sight everywhere in the festive spread.

Mathura Peda

This popular mithai from the homeland of Lord Krishna is a must-have in your bhog menu. Get in the festive vibe with this succulent peda.


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