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Women, Child Development and Social Welfare Department, West Bengal

The website of West Bengal State Resource Centre- Department of Women & Child Development and Social welfare provides useful information on a wide range of topics, covering women development, child development, social welfare, a crime against women, women trafficking, schemes, budget, crèche funding, old age homes and other such aspects.
The Department of Women & Child Developmental and Social Welfare of West Bengal is a key institution when considering the safety and empowerment of both women and children. The website developed by the institution enables you to gain knowledge related to various schemes and protective measures offered by the institution. You can also check the reports and publications section to gain access to the materialized content published by the Department.
A full list of contact information has been provided on the website to enable users to report any related issue, concern or grievance as soon as possible. The website also offers links to various other government institutions.

To Know more visit https://wbsc.gov.in