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World Hindi Conference December 22 – 24, New Delhi

The website of World Hindi conference welcomes the people to the 10th World Hindi conferences and asks the people to join. Users will be able to know about the importance of the World Hindi conference. Complete details f the programme is available on the website. There is a registration section that allows the users to get registered. Complete information about everything including the visa policy, accommodation, official delegation is provided on the website.
The website focuses on the importance of Hindi and motivates the users. Important links are also present on the website. Users will be able to get all the information accurately. Messages from the important personalities including the Prime Minister and few other important ministers are also visible on the website. The complete code of conduct is also present there. In case of any question or queries, you can easily contact the authorities through the links provided on the website.

To Know more visit https://vishwahindisammelan.gov.in